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MCM London Comic Con 2017

If you're into your comics and science fiction, did you visit the MCM London Comic- Con 2017 held between the 27th and 29th of October at the Excel Centre, East London? It's a different management team to the other major Comic-Con that is held at Olympia, Kensington, West London. If you missed that one, there will be another one in London year plus there's one in Birmingham between 18-19 November.

For some, it was a time to meet their on-screen heroes, others to show off their Costumes or just buy comics or other paraphernalia. I went there to meet Anthony Lemke aka Marcus Boone to find out about Dark Matter. Awesome bloke, spoke to him for a while. The series isn't dead yet, more hibernating, the sets are in storage. The series could come back most likely for a mini-series or even a film like what they did with Firefly to tidy everything up if the powers that be can get to some sort of agreement. Fingers crossed. Look out for him as a guest star in the non-space Blindspot.

I didn't dress up unless you class wearing a NY Yankee's cap as dresurrecting up as a Yankees fan? Also bumped into this chap....

Kylo Ren Fan

Wasn't Adam Driver but the costume was good tho. It wasn't just Star Wars people dressed up as but there were also lots of D.C. Comics character, Harlequin, Batman, Robin etc. Apart from Starlord and a few Captain Americas, I don't think I saw that many Marvel characters.

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