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MCM London Comic Con 2017

If you`re into your comics and science fiction, did you visit the MCM London Comic- Con 2017 held between the 27th and 29th of October at the Excel Centre, East London? It`s a different management team to the other major Comic-Con that is held at Olympia, Kensington, West London. If you missed that one, there`ll be another one in London year plus there`s one in Birmingham between 18-19 November.

For some, it was a time to meet their on-screen heroes, others to show off their Costumes or just buy comics or other paraphernalia. I went there to meet Anthony Lemke aka Marcus Boone to find out about Dark Matter. Awesome bloke, spoke to him for a while. The series isn`t dead yet, more hibernating, the sets are in storage. The series could come back most likely for a mini-series or even a film like what they did with Firefly to tidy everything up if the powers that be can get to some sort of agreement. Fingers crossed. Look out for him as a guest star in the non-space Blindspot.

I didn`t dress up unless you class wearing a NY Yankee`s cap as dressing up as a Yankees fan? Also bumped into this chap....

Kylo Ren Fan

Wasn`t Adam Driver but the costume was good tho. It wasn`t just Star Wars people dressed up as but there were also lots of D.C. Comics character, Harlequin, Batman, Robin etc. Apart from Starlord and a few Captain Americas, I don`t think I saw that many Marvel characters.

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