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Meteor Smash Prophecy Will Not Happen

There has been rumours going on the Internet that there will be an asteroid impact on Earth between now and the end of the month. It all stems from a warning from a so called Prophet called Rev. Efrain Rodriquez. He says the impact was revealed to him from God. According to (N.A.S.A.), there is no chance of a collision involving Earth. Just because he's a man of the cloth, doesn't mean he is correct. There have been a number of prophecies made by Prophets over the years such as though who say alien spaceships are using comets as cover which have turned out to be false. This is just another of those superstitions.

N.A.S.A has a Near Earth Object (NEO) project that monitors asteroids that are over kilometre in size and none of those objects that they are monitoring are going to impact us. According to Efrain, the impact zone will be Puerto Rico which is where he lives. The dates include 28th September when a Blood Moon is expected to occur, this is when the moon will turn a reddish colour.12

Whilst we have had asteroid strikes, one 165 million years ago which wiped out the dinosaurs, one is not expected in the near or long term. We did have the Chelyabinsk incident not that long ago which was missed by NEO, one that will destroy life on Earth will not happen.

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