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More news on Star Trek Discovery

Bryan Fuller, the man tasked with masterminding the new Star Trek Discovery series has been revealing a little bit more about it. The series will be seen from the perspective of a Lieutenant Commander rather than a Captain which the previous series have centred around. Famous Lt. Commanders include Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge and Lt. Cmdr. Data. It is promised that there will be a lot more alien races and not just those with different ridges on their heads such as the Bajorans. The lead character is a female this time, the first time since Captain Kathryn Janeway who took charge of the U.S.S. Voyager. It is expected that the lead character in addition to being female will be non-white. The series is also expected to feature a gay or lesbian character to be more inclusive. The cast members have not yet been revealed yet so if you fancy appearing, you could always submit your application for a role :),

The first series which has not yet started production will be first broadcast in January 2017 on CBS channel in America and then internationally with Netflixs. If you don't have Netflixs then you'll have to wait for the D.V.D or blu-ray whenever that gets released. Do feel they missed a trick with not having the series start on the 50th anniversary of the first episode going out in 1966. The new series was a late after thought. Unlike previous series, this one is only going to be 13 episodes not like the usual 20 episode series.

It'll be another prequel series, set after Star Trek - Enterprise and before Star Trek - The Original Series. I won't be surprised if they bring in Ferengi or the Borg in the series. There's only so much you can do with the Klingons.

Star Trek Discovery Logo of the new series

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