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More Rogue One Character Names Revealed

Whether by design or unintentionally, we now know the names of some of the new characters in the Star Warsuniverse who will make an appearance in the new film due out at Christmas 2016. The two most important ones are Captain Cassian Andor who we suspect as being the lead male character, maybe even Jyn Erso love interest. Batting for the Galactic Empire is Director Krennic, the man in the white cape in the trailer. What we don't know yet is what Forest Whitakers character is and who Mads Mikelsen plays, however the later is suspected to be Jyn's father.

Alan Tudyk, most well known for playing Wash Warren in the short lived Firefly is playing K-250, an enforcement droid that used to be a Galactic Empire robot before being reprogrammed and working for the Rebel Alliance

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