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Neutrinos, Faster than the Speed of Light

On thursday, scientists have announced that they have broken one of the fundamental laws of physics that nothing travels faster than light. The scientists at CERN, the European Centre for Nuclear Research have announced to the world that an experiment using Neutrinos fired from Geneva to a site in Italy and back travelled faster than light.

The ramifications if proven could mean time travel and warp speed, the speed at which the USS Enterprise NCC-1701A from the series Star Trek is also possible. Don't go booking your holiday on Vulcan just yet as other scientists are to test the experiment that the CERN scientists conducted to see if they got their results correct.

One of the group of scientists that will test the experiment is the Fermilab, the US Governments equivalent in Chicago.

A Neutrino is a small subatomic particle that has no electric charges unlike electrons so can travel where electrons

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