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New James Bond Trailer for Spectre Released

The first official trailer for the new James Bond film 'Spectre' has been released. The story follows James Bond as he tracks down a mysterious organisation called Spectre after receiving clues from his past. James' mission takes him from Mexico to Austria then Rome, Italy and Morocco. Although the order of the countries that Daniel Craig will visit as James Bond is not certain, the only thing certain is that he will start in Mexico during a festival known as 'Day of the Dead'. The festival is normally held around 31st October, Halloween to the rest of the Christian world.

The film marks the return of Spectre, the terrorist organisation that was headed up Ernst Stavro Blofeld who wants to start World War 3 between the UNITED STATES and Russia. Whilst Stavro never got into space unlike James Bond in Moonraker, he wasn't averse to using space technology such as in You Only Live Twice to further his aims. Whilst there is no space in this film, there might be subtle space references like there was in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

The film has continuity with the other films where Vauxhall Cross, the Headquarters of M.I.6. is still damaged and marks the return of Mr White, the leader of Quantum, the criminal organisation that appeared in the first two Daniel Craig Bond films but disappeared in Skyfall.

Spectre is just one of four spy films that is due out in 2015, the others being Kingsman, Spooks - The Greater Good and Mission Impossible V - Rogue Nation. Spectre is the latest in the long line of 007 movies that the other films will have to catch up.

James Bond's Spectre Film Trailer

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