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"No Time To Die", James Bond 25

The 25th James Bond movie was originally planned to come out in November 2019 with Danny Boyle directing. Danny Boyle stood down and after a search, Cary Fukunaga stepped into the role. The film was then subsequently pushed back to April 2020.

When the cast was revealed, the film didn't have a title, it was just known as Bond 25. The reveal video seemed awkward and not much was revealed. A short trailer was subsequently released, not giving much away, just faces including the return of Felix Leiter, played once more by Jeffrey Wright.

As for the space connection, the film hasn't come out yet so we have to wait and see. What has been ascertained is that James Bond has retired from the service to live with his girlfriend Madeleine Swan who he met in the previous adventure.

The C.I.A. send Felix to ask for James' help in defeating a terrorist organisation whose head is played by Rami Malik, the award winning actor who portrayed Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen on film. It is allegde that Malik's character is after a genetically engineered weapon of sort and the C.I.A. want Bond to stop Malik.

No word on who will be seeing but rumours and its only rumours, the theme tune will be sung by Ed Sheeran. Adele who belted out Skyfall has been on record saying she won't be doing it again. Sam Smith is the first singer to win an oscar for a James Bond title song.

There had been a rumour on the internet that Danny Boyle had wanted to kill James Bond but the others rejected the idea. Which is good otherwise the title'll be pointless...

Additionally, couldn't they have used a thesaurus and used another word than DIE? Tomorrow Never Dies was a typo that they stuck with mind you. The original title should've been Tomorrow Never Lies

Merged Trailer for No Time To Die

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