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Ocean on Mars

national aeronautics and space administration (n.a.s.a.) have released a paper this month calculating how much water there was once on Mars. Their calculations have been to say that there was once an ocean bigger than the Arctic Ocean on Earth. The picture below is an artists impression of what the Ocean might have looked like covering the northern area of the planet. It doesn't look much but had the water stayed around, there might have been life like there is on our Planet Earth instead of the dead lifeless planet it is now. Nasa believe the water could have been at least a mile deep at points. The new estimate is based on detailed observations made at the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope in Chile, and the W.M. Keck Observatory and NASA Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii. With these powerful instruments, the researchers distinguished the chemical signatures of two slightly different forms of water in Martian atmosphere. One is the familiar H2O. The other is HDO, a naturally occurring variation in which one hydrogen is replaced by a heavier form, called deuterium. More information can be read at their news release. 1

Ocean on Mars

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