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Picard trailer now released

Its been some time now since Picard was announced and now, we get the first trailer of the new series. In case you don't know, Picard is series by Paramount based on the later life adventures of Jean-Luc Picard, the captain on the USS Enterprise NCC 1701D in the Star Trek - The Next Generation series in the eighties and nineties.

The adventures take place now some time after we last saw him in Star Trek X, Nemesis battling a young Tom Hardy as Romulan Praetor. Picard is now in retirement on a French farm, fifteen years after carrying out a rescue mission. The rescue mission they are probably referring to occurred two years after the events of Nemesis based on the fact that Nemesis came out seventeen years ago.

The unknown rescue mission caused Picard a lot of pain, enough for him to turn his back on Starfleet. There's not much in the way of action in the clip, all there is a voice over and him picking up wine bottles bearing his name.

The series will be available on CBS Access All in the United States and will be presumably be available on Amazon Prime for the rest of the world. The last new series of Star Trek was shown on Netflix, looks like Amazon won out this time.

Jonathon Frakes who has directed and starred as William Riker in the series is hoping to direct and even appear in one or two episodes. The one good thing is that its not another prequel series.

The video that I'm linking here has Portuguese subtitles as the official English one is not available outside the United States. After watching the film, do leave a comment below saying what you think of it.

Trailer for forthcoming Picard series

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