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Picard Trailer Released

The first trailer to the new Picard series has been released and its a corker. Anyone who loved the original series is going to love this by the looks of it. I know its only a trailer but it does give some insight into the series. The only disappointing thing is that its on Amazon Prime in the UK so if you want to watch that and Discovery, you going to have to have two subscriptions.

The good thing is that this series is set in the future, its not a re-imagining like the latest Star Trek movies or like Enterprise or Discovery. This one is set in the future, past The Next Generation.

We know that Jonathan Frakes a.k.a. William Riker will be directing two of the episodes, the 3rd and the 4th thats been mentioned. We presume his character will appear however brief in the series which we are hoping for.

The impression of the synopsis is that he's out of Starfleet and has been for a long time. Now, a young woman requires Jean-Luc Picard's help and he's going to do everything he can to do so. He's not going to get the gang back together, he's going to recruit a new non-Starfleet crew to help him.

Familiar faces in the video include Data both unassembled and assembled. Data gave his life to save Picard and now Picard is going to need his help again. Also making an appearance is Seven of Nine, the human female who Kathryn Janeway rescued from the Borg. The implants are still there, even with technology that can get people to another star, they've not yet worked out how to remove the last implants.

There's a big surprise in store around the 1:30-1:40 mark which will make you whoop. If you don't want to whoop just yet, I recommend skipping over that for now.

Trailer for new Picard series on Amazon Prime

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