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R.I.P. Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the face of Marvel Comics has died at the age of 95, a brillant feat for anyone to make. Had he been British, it would go without saying he would have been knighted for services to entertainment. He has been credited with creating a large number of Marvel characters such as Peter Parker (Spiderman) and Doctor Strange. Steve Rogers (Captain America) was not one of his creation.

Stan was born on 28th December 1922 in Manhattan, New York as Stanley Lieber but is more widely known as just Stan Lee. He got his first taste of comic when he was hired at Timely comics at the age of 17. His work at the comic was briefly interrupted by the Second World War when the United States entered in 1941 after the events of Pearl Harbor. He join the Signals Corps being responsible for communication equipment.

He would marry the love of his life, Joan Clayton Boocock on December 5th, 1947 and they would stay together for 69 years before she died last year. They had two daughters, Joan Celia and Jan. Sadly, Jan would die aged three days.

He would become synonymous with the company. Whilst the other Marvel legend, Jack Kirby would briefly work for rival D.C. Comics, Stan would stay totally loyal. D.C. never had an equivalent personality.

Starting from The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee had cameos in nearly every future Marvel film. A notable film of Stan missing was Deadpool 2. Stan appeared in the trailer where Deadpool tells him to shut up but he didn't appear in the film. The only appearance of Stan in Deadpool 2 was a picture on a billboard. Stan appeared in the first Deadpool film as the D.J. of a strip club which allegedly he didn't like when he found out.

Although Peter Parker wasn't allowed to appear in cameo form for the Venom (2018) movie, that didn't stop Stan Lee from appearing in the film in cameo form. He probably has a few cameos left to be seen particularly in Captain Marvel and in Endgame.

He died November 12th, 2018 from heart and respiratory problems. Wiki He will forever be remembered as the human face of comics and will be missed in real life and in the Marvel cameos.

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