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R.I.P. John Glenn, Mercury Astronaut

John Glenn, one of the first American to go into space as part of the Mercury series of spaceflights has died today. In addition to being in the Mercury project, he was also the oldest man to go into space as part of a Space Shuttle missing onboard the Discovery in 1998.

In addition to being as astronaut, he was also a World War 2 fighter which he did before becoming an astronaut. After leaving N.A.S.A., he put himself up for the position of Democrat for the U.S. Senate for Ohio. He tried for ten years before eventually being elected in 1974 and served for his electorate for 24 years.

John married only once and stayed with her until his death. He had two children. The cause of the death was never revealed and he is buried at Arlington National Cemetary, Washington D.C. ref: John Glenn

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