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R.I.P. Peter Mayhew - Chewie

Peter Mayhew might not be a household name like Harrison Ford but he holds a special place in the hearts of may Star Wars fans. From 1977 up to and including 2015, he was the man behind the furry Wookie known as Chewbacca.

Peter Mayhew was in Barnes, Surrey in 1944, less than a month before D-Day when the Allies invaded Northern France to begin the final push against Hitler and the Nazis. He didn't set out to be an actor, he was a hospital porter before he was "found" and starred as Chewbacca in the first Star Wars movie. He got the part when David Prowse who was going to be cast as Chewbacca opted for playing Darth Vader.

Before the role that made him famous, he starred as Minoton in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. He would play Chewbacca the three original movies and then guest star as Chewbacca in a scene with Yoda in Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith.

When Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, Peter Mayhew returned for one last outing in Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens which he shared with Joonas Suotamo, a Finnish actor and former professional basketball player. In the two following films, he would become a Wookie consultant to provide advice to Joonas who would take the role on full time then on.

Peter married late in life to Mary Angelique ("Angie") in 1999 and they had three children together.

Peter may have past away but his character loved by so many will continue on. Chewbacca will return for the third sequel film due out in December 2019.

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