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R.I.P. Princess Leia

It is with sadness that I write, Carrie Fisher, best known for many people interested in space and wider afield as Princess Leia Organa has past away. Although she is best known for that role, she has also appeared in other films such as Shampoo with Warren Beaty which was her film. She appeared in all the first trilogy, the original trilogy as its best known and then appeared in Star Wars - The Force Awakens as General Leia, leader of the Rebels know now as the Resistance.

Her character albeit a bit of C.G.I. returned to the cinema this year in the prequel Star Wars - Rogue One and was expected to appear in the next two sequels, Episodes VIII and IX. I believe the actual filming of Episode VIII had been finished and that it was now in post-production so that her character will still be there as to what extent her character will appear is not known. Its unlikely they'll do the same thing as they did with Grand Moff Tarkin for the last film in the new trilogy. Thats speculation, not fact.

She wasn't the only person to have starred in the films to have died this year in one of the worst years for famous people generally. Other people from the films to have died are :-

May the Force be with them in heaven.

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