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R.I.P. Sir Roger Moore, 007

Sir Roger Moore, the third actor to play the role of James Bond, 007 on the big screen has passed away after a short fight with cancer at the age of 89. He is the first actor to play James Bond on the big screen to have passed away.

Roger first appeared as James Bond in the 1973 film, Live and Let Die and would go on to play the character for another six films ending with A View to a Kill at the age of 57. He is in fact three years older than Sean Connery who played James Bond first.

Although Bond flirted with space by preventing Spectre from interfering with the American space program in Doctor No, James actually only went into space in Moonraker. There are other references to space in other Bond films such as the E.M.P. satellite named after Ian Flemings home in Jamaica, Goldeneye. Goldeneye marked Pierce Brosnan's first appearance. In the latest film, Spectre, one of the major scenes is fought in a Meteor crater in North Africa. There are less subtle hints at space technology such as when Bond used satellite imagery to locate Alex Dimitrios in Casino Royale.

Roger Moore was well known on the small screen before he took on the role of Bond. Roger is also known for taking on the role of British anti-hero, Simon Templar, a.k.a The Saint and in the Persuaders with Tony Curtis. In Canonball Run, the comedy, Roger plays a character who thinks he's James Bond and who drives an Aston Martin. Surprisingly Roger did the Canonball Run during his tenure as 007 which was allowed I presumed so long as it didn't directly reference Bond.

Sir Roger was also a UNICEF goodwill ambassador having been made the position in 1991 and using the position to promote and champion children's rights. Roger has been doing this for the last 26 years of his life travelling the world. Ref: UNICEF

Sir Roger Moore as James Bond

In addition to Roger Moore, we also lost Clifton James who appeared twice in consecutive movies as Sheriff J.W. Pepper starting in Live and Let Die. Clifton died 15th April 2017 at the grand old age of 96.

We also saw the alleged suicide death of Chris Cornell who in my view was the mastermind of one of the best James Bond theme tunes of recent years, the title song of Casino Royale, You Know My Name. Chris Cornell was a grunge singer who in addition to being a solo singer was lead singer in Soundgarden. All three are dearly missed.

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