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Rogue One finally hits the Cinemas

Nursing a hang-over from the Christmas Party from the night before, I went to see the film at the local cinema. I was not disappointed. I personally felt that the film was better than the previous years, Star Wars - The Force Awakens. I along with everyone all knew how the film would end. We're already seen the sequel which it had come out decades earlier. I had seen lots of trailers of the film before but it didn't diminish the enjoyment of the film.

There were a number of people on social media who disliked the fact that Jyn Erso, the lead character was female but she proved to be no shrinking violet and held her own. If you don't like the fact she was an equal to the lead male, don't watch it, Disney won't go bust if you didn't go.

A quick reminder of the plot, the film is set immediately before the events of Star Wars IV - A New Hope and features a group of Rebels stealing the Death Star plans. In the original films, they were described as Bothan as it had been said many Bothans died getting these plans but it never explained what a Bothan was unless I missed it.

We knew Darth Vader would appear but to see Grand Moff Tarkin appear for as long as he did was great. The C.G.I. to bring the character to life was excellent along with the rest of the CGI. We also got treated to a CGI version of Princess Leia as she received the Death Star plans. There were a number of other cameos including that of Senator Bail Organa and an explanation of why he didn't appear in future films. Although there was the now compulsory desert planet, this time Jedha rather than Jakku or Tatooine, there were other planets along with the returning Yavin IV where the Rebels had their base.

The main characters Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor were likeable enough. Even though they were going to die, you hoped they would some how survive and then retire but that was not going to happen. The film wasn't going to have that kind of happy ending. They weren't going to form a bond between the two of them like Han Solo and Princess Leia, not enough time and the film wasn't going to be set over a long period. They only embraced when they knew they were going to die and there's no way out. It was an original storyline compared to the Force Awakens, things what happened hadn't happened before.

The next film is to be released this time next year is going to be Episode VIII with the main storyline following Rey as the force inside continues to awaken. The following year will see another spin-off anthology film, this time based on the smuggler Han Solo before he joined the Rebel Alliance and met his future wife. Also appearing in addition to a young Han Solo is Chewbacca and a young Lando Calrissian, both humans leads have been chosen.

There were a lot of scenes from trailers and t.v. spots that didn't make it into the movie, wonder why. Examples include the scene where Jyn is walking and a TIE Fighter appears, the scene is in the film but the TIE Fighter isn't. Another scene is where Jyn asks if they're a rebellion because she's a rebel. When the DVD/Blu-ray comes out, it'll be interesting to hear why then got cut. We won't get an extended edition of all the cuts because some contradict others.

Overall, it was great and look forward to the next, the Force is definitely with this one.

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