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Rogue Planet Discovered

Scientists have revealed that they have discovered a planet out there in the cosmos. In brief, a rogue planet is one that doesn`t orbit a star but free floats within the galaxy. The planet is referred to as PSO J318.5-22, a name that so easily rolls off the tongue. 1. The planet was discovered by scientists from Edinburgh University using a telescope in Chile. The planet was discovered in the Capricornusconstellation if you want to go looking for it yourself. If you are tempted to look for it, you`d need a powerful telescope as it won`t be visible by the naked eye. The planet is quite nearby, a mere 80 light years away compared to say the Tadpole Galaxy.

It is described as being a giant Jupiter gaseous planet rather than one like our own rocky type planet. The planet is estimated to be about 800 degress celsius so another reason why there won`t be any Alien civilisations living there. It is in the Beta Pictoris group of stars and a mere 12 million years ago whereas our own planet, Earth is about five billion years old. Artist impressions of what the planet may look like show it as a violet/purple colour. 2

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