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Second Rogue One Trailer

With not many weeks to go, another trailer for Rogue One has been released with new scenes. Jyn Erso still plays a prominent role in the trailer as she is the main character. We also see her past when her father was conscripted by Director Krennic to design and build the Death Star. More action and more familiar Star Wars vehicles such as the AT-ST, the two legged walkers from the Moon of Endor appear. Darth Vader also appears. What the video doesn't show you is the hand over of the plans to Princess Leia on the Tantive IV which is something which people will like to see.

Its not long to wait, hopefully will be better than Force Awakens in the respect that Rogue One will be more original and not have scenes that copied from previous films, e.g. Cantina, Desert Orphan, Assault on the Death Star like world.

Death Star rising above the horizon

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