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Seven planet solar system discovered

Scientists using N.A.S.A.'s Spitzer space telescope have discovered a solar system in the constellation of Aquarius that contains seven planets which is the most yet. The star is called Trappist-1 which is a small low-mass planet. Cosmically speaking, it is quite close, only a mere 40 Light Years from us. The nearest exoplanet from us is a mere 4 Light Years orbiting the star Proxima Centauri.

The planets are close to the star which means a couple are likely to be hospitable as they orbit close or within the Goldilocks Zone, the area which is not too cold and not too warm for life to exist. When the James Webb telescope goes into orbit, it is expected to be able to detect ozone in one of the planets atmosphere. The scientists have creates a Website for their find which they detail why they chose the star. On one of the reasons for choosing the small stars is that the planets effect on the star is more noticeable than those of larger stars. There are only two major Alpha stars that I know of that have stars, they are Hamal (Aries) and Aldebaran (Taurus), there could be other but am not aware.

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