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Shadowlands - the Eighth World of Warcraft Expansion

At the start of Blizzcon 2019, the eighth expansion for the World of Warcraft was revealed. For many, the name didn't come as much of a surprise given that it had been released over the internet previously. It was something that the presenter Ion Hazzikotas, the Game Designer acknowledged.

The antagonist of the video was also seemingly leeked, it had been implied that the antagonist would be Lord Bolvar Fordragon who at the end of the Wrath of the Lich King became the new Lich King. Someone had to wear the Lich King's mask to control the Lichs.


The truth of Bolvar was the opposite, he was determined to stop Lady Sylvanas Windrunner from getting hold of the helmet. Lady Sylvanas didn't want the helmet for herself, she wanted to destroy the helmet. Destruction of the helmet created a portal to another world, to the Shadowlands.

The Shadowlands is a place where people have been before but some may have not realised it. The Shadowlands is where people go when they've been killed and need to run back to their bodies to continue their quest. The only difference is that we enter the Shadowlands whilst alive.

Zones of Shadowlands

The Shadowlands has four confirmed zones with City of Oribos and the Maw. They did say in the video that the number of realms in the Shadowlands is limitless so they'll reveal new zones like they have done in the previous expansions.


Ruled by the Convenant Kyrian, this Shadowland could be described as being heaven. The land is gentle and peaceful. It has a few design nods towards the asteroid orbiting Argus that we visited at the end of Legion.


Ruled by the Convenant Necrolord and is a more darker, horror-filled environment than the previous. It is where the military might is based. This army protects the Shadowlands from their enemies and is from where whom the Lich King called upon to wage a war against the living. Draka, mother of Thrall ended up in this zone. She isn't evil but she is a warrior and this is where they are.


Ruled over by the Convenant Night Fae. It is a world that is a darker realm to the Emerald Dream. Cenarius is to be found in this zone. It is a undead forestry world.


Ruled by the Convenant Venthyr. It is a gothic place with towns and castles. If it was in non-Warcraft lore, it would be in the Dracula storyline. These are for people who don't quite fit in other realms. Kael'thas Sunstrider, the boss from Tempest Keep can be found here.

City Oribos

City of Oribos stands in its own unique area. It is at the centre of the Shadowlands area. At the heart of the city is the Arbiter who controls a lot of the lands. It is the Arbiter who sends the dead to their designated resting places. It is a sanctuary city like Dalaran for both factions. It won't be a fight zone at the start at least unlike Suramar City.

The Maw

The Maw is an area for the most horrible of creatures and is a prison. There is no convenant controlling the area. It is a jail from which no one has ever escaped. Although you may start at the Maw then leave, the Maw will be the max level zone. The zone is controlled by the Jailor who no one knows anything about because no ones escaped from there before. It is the Jailor who was seen at the end of the Sylvanas video.

Dungeons and Raids of Shadowlands

There are four levelling dungeons and four max level dungeons. There is one levelling dungeon per zone.

Levelling Dungeons

Max-Level Dungeons

The Other Side is another realm where you will encounter the Battle for Azeroth Loa, Bwonsamdi. Bwonsamdi was playing the Zandalari Trolls so much but was eventually defeated and retreated back here.

Castle Nathria

This will be the first raid to be released, it is a 10 boss raid. It is the same as the previous raids, broken into different sections and with varying levels.

Torghast, the Tower of the Damned

This is located in the Maw, it is a place that you are able to enter on your own or as a group of four people. It will alledgely change every time you go there and so provide a lot of challenges and not just for the first time. It is similar to Icecrown Citadel. It is the upside down castle in the video.

Other features

Other things that were mentioned is that character levels will be squashed, instead of levelling up to level 130. A level 120 will become 50 and you level up to 60. Preceding levels will be adjusted accordingly.

Characters can be customised more. The Forsaken now no longer requires characters to show bones, the boney areas can now be covered up. Trolls and Dwarves will have war paint on their faces. Also humans will look a little more like humans than before.

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