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Star Wars - The Last Jedi Review

*Spoilers*, before you read further, you should know there will be spoilers which if you hadn't seen the film already, you shouldn't read. This film take place immediately after the events of Star Wars VII- The Force Awakens where the Resistance had successfully destroyed the First Order's new Death Star style weapon which was in fact a hollowed out planet that drew power from a nearby star and then ejected it to destroy any solar system that they wished.

The previous years film, Star Wars - Rogue One was a prequel to the first film to come out and is not part of the new trilogy. One of the big criticisms of the previous episodic film (TFA for short) was that it was a clone of sorts to the original films in particular Star Wars IV - A New Hope with an orphan realising that he or in this case her could effect the future of the galaxy far far away. The main criticism of that film also applies to this one too.

The film is similar to Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back when you step back and look at it.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it but it felt like Empire Strikes Back 2 rather than the prequels. Although people diss the prequels, at least they had original storylines. Ok, with the Phantom Menace, a lead character died in the first film like a lead character also died in Star Wars IV - A New Hope and also in Force Awakens.

Some of the rumours of the film that I had heard about,

Its a lot funnier than the previous films. In all, its a good film but just don't go expecting originality. The Porgs, the cute bird-like creatures don't ruin the film at all, they're just a gimmick in the film.

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