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Star Wars - The Last Jedi Second Trailer

Contains Spoilers if you have not and don't plan to watch any trailers before the film comes out. The second trailer for the Star Wars VIII - The Last Jedi trailer has been released. In a word, Awesome. Hopefully, the film will build on and improve on the previous episode which to some including myself looked like a remake of the first film Star Wars IV - A New Hope. For example, both heroes in both films are orphans from desert planets. People jokingly refer to it as The First Order Strikes Back in reference to the second film Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes Back with good reason as in both films, the orphan heroes are undergoing training by a Jedi Master, this time its Luke Skywalker.

We also see Snoke a little more clearer rather than just a hologram as he was in the previous film. Who we don't see are the new characters, DJ and Rose Tico for example. We see Finn back in First Order outfit which we believe is because he's undercover as an Imperial Officer rather than as a standard Stormtrooper. Although we don't see Captain Phasma with her mask off in the clip, its rumoured we will in the final film.

Rumours are of Rey may turn to the dark side given that she's asking for help with the Force and Kylo Ren is hold out his hand for her. Fingers crossed its a corker of a movie.

The Last Jedi 2nd Trailer

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