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Star Wars Feature at Comic-Con

Comic-Con in San Diego is the biggest annual entertainment and comic book convention in the world. It is the place that studios tend to release their forthcoming film attractions to the world. A lot of the Visitors who go there dress up in cosplay in honour of their heros on screen and some times game. This year has been no different, a Star Wars special reel was released and Harrison Ford, who is known for playing Han Solo and indiana Jones made his first public appearance since his incident flying a plane in March this year. The special reel has been uploaded to Youtube and can be seen by clicking the picture below, be aware, there are spoilers in it.

Star Wars

Also, news came out this week that another stand-alone Star Wars movie is to be made and will be released on the 25th May 2018, it will be based on Han Solo. The film will explore the early adventures of Han Solo before he met Obi-Wan Kenobi, the young Luke Skywalker and the droids in Mos Eisley, Tatooine in Star Wars IV - A New Hope. It might be a case of when "When Han Solo met Chewbacca. ", a play on the eighties film ("When Harry Met Sally").

Also a dedicated Star Wars app for both Apple and Android phones was brought to my attention. It looks free but as I've not been able to download it as my phones are compatible yet so have not been able to review. Although it might be free, be aware of any add-ons that it might offer you and how much it downloads. Its an official Disney application. The official page can be found here.

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