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Star Wars Rogue 1, Trailer 2

The second Star Wars - Rogue One trailer has been released to coincide with the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Whilst some scenes are what we`ve seen before, there are some new scene such as the Death star causing a solar eclipse over a desert planet. The planet is not Tatooine but a new planet known as Jeddah which is spelt in the same way as the city in western Saudi Arabia.

We don`t get to learn much but we do see a glimpse of the old favourite, Darth Vader doing just his usual breathing exercise. As to who is playing Darth Vader, it remains a mystery as yet, there had been rumours, it would be Hayden Christensen but according to a Google search, the role is played by Spencer Wilding. Darth Vader is only a guest star this time, the main antagonist is believed to be Director Krennic but there`s no sign of Palpatine. Although not confirmed and just a rumour, maybe we get to see Princess Leia being given the plans. It`ll be Carrie Fisher`s face from the originals super imposed on another actresses face if anything. What has been confirmed but you don`t see in the clips is that Bail Organa will be making a guest return.

Death Star above Jeddah

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