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Star Wars Rogue 1, Trailer 2

The second Star Wars - Rogue One trailer has been released to coincide with the Summer Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Whilst some scenes are what we've seen before, there are some new scene such as the Death Star causing a solar eclipse over a desert planet. The planet is not Tatooine but a new planet known as Jeddah which is spelt in the same way as the city in western Saudi Arabia.

We don't get to learn much but we do see a glimpse of the old favourite, Darth Vader doing just his usual breathing exercise. As to who is playing Darth Vader, it remains a mystery as yet, there had been rumours, it would be Hayden Christensen but according to a Google search, the role is played by Spencer Wilding. Darth Vader is only a guest star this time, the main antagonist is believed to be Director Krennic but there's no sign of Palpatine. Although not confirmed and just a rumour, maybe we get to see Princess Leia being given the plans. It'll be Carrie Fisher's face from the originals super imposed on another actresses face if anything. What has been confirmed but you don't see in the clips is that Bail Organa will be making a guest return.

Death Star above Jeddah

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