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TESS points Northwards for 2nd Year

Its shocking how time flies, its been a year since T.E.S.S. (Transiting Exoplanet Survey satellite) began its two year mission to try and spot as many exoplanets as possible. For the first year, it was to scan the southern hemisphere and then for the second year, it was to scan the northern hemisphere.

It has found 993 exoplanet candidate, only 24 have been confirmed . Most of the stars are minor stars, the most famous star that an exoplanet has been found round if you can put it that way is a Pi Mensae. Other stars with discovered planets are known by a number for example TOI 125, meaning TESS Object of Interest.

Its still a long way to go before the scientists have digested all the information that they've received. The satellite didn't just spot exoplanets, it also spotted ExoComets in Beta Pictoris. Beta Pictoris was a star that scientists thought had exoplanets long before the first planet was ever found. The scientists turns out to be correct.

Other things it has spotted include supernovae and comets in our own solar system. The objects in our solar system that was seen were either intentional or spotted whilst testing out equipment for the long run.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest developments on the exoplanet discovery front, a publications site can be found at M.I.T. . The main site for T.E.S.S. is at CalTech. I try to keep up to date with my site, its not updated as often as I can.

So now the satellite will stop searching constellations such as Mensa , Volans and Vulpecula, instead it will start searching Ursa Major, Cassiopeia and Draco for example. Still looking out and being hopeful on a well known star having an exoplanet like Hamal, the brightest star in Aries for example. With Hamal, additional planets may be spotted.

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