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The British are coming.... or going where no Briton has gone before...

For many years, the British Government had refused to finance its nationals into space. Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space got there through a commercially sponsored competition. The other three Michael Foale, Piers Sellars and Nicholas Patrick all had to give up British Citizenship to go into space. Now there is talk or spin as some might say that the British Government may now change its mind on the subject. Ian Pearson, the Science and Innovation Minister hinted yesterday that it would change. We could see someone in space by 2020 or earlier or be part of the team that makes the maiden journey to Mars.

A new British space centre would be built in Harwell, Oxfordshire to help with space innovation. Space is the next big thing for people to go. Richard Branson is soon to be the owner of the first company to offer space trips. Other companies will follow and holidaying on the moon will be as commonplace as holidaying in Spain. There are people who are aggrieved at us spending large sums but there will also be opposition to anything...

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