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The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance - Premiere Date

The original Dark Crystal film was produced by the Jim Henson production company who are better known for the Muppets Show and Farscape. The film was a released in 1982 and whilst it wasn't a smash like Star Wars - A New Hope, it made a nice profit. No sequel was made up until now when Netflix commissioned a ten part series. The series is due to air 30th August 2019 and it is believed the first two episodes will be released together.

Older people will remember the film from their youth. It didn't do as good as it should, partly as it was overshadowed by other films and also because it was darker compared to other Henson productions.

The film and series was set on the planet Thra it told the story of Jen, a young male Gelfling who embarked on a journey to repair the Dark Crystal. Jen thought he was the last of his kind until he met Kira who helped him on the journey. In doing so, the world would be rid of the evil Skeksis who controlled the world and wiped out all the Gelfling or so they thought.

By repairing the Dark Crystal, the Skeksis and the Mystics would merge back as one, the UrSkek and the world would no longer be under the terror of the evil Skeksis. The repair can only occur when there is a convergence of the Suns which doesn't happen that often.

The series is a prequel so hopefully it won't mess up the events of the original unless they decide to re-imaging the film in a later series.

The production company has recruited the Taron Egerton as the male lead Rian. Taron is the young Eggsy from the Kingsman films. Anya Taylor-Joy is the voice of Brea, the picture below. Anya has appeared in the Peaky Blinders amongst other things. Nathalie Emmanuelle as the voice of Rian who appeared in Game of Thrones and the latter episodes of the Fast and Furious films.

The series will be produced by the same company Henson rather than being handed over to some other company. It will remain faithful to the original film in that it will be puppets rather than using C.G.I. The only C.G.I. will be to remove the puppeteers from the shots. The quality of the puppets have improved, below is the 1982's Kira character and the 2019's Brea, both Gelflings

Kira from the Dark Crystal 1982

Brea from the Dark Cystral - Age of Resistance 2019

The bad Skeksis will also be back and looking as ugly as ever... muahahaha.

Skeksis from Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance

Trailer Release

The first trailer for the film has been released and it looks a stonker... The video was released a few days after this article was first published. Click on the picture to watch the trailer then come back and leave a comment.

The Dark Crystal Trailer

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