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The hunt for Planet 9 Needs You!!!

The scientists searching for the new ninth planet are now asking the Internet community for help. They have set up with the Backyard Worlds team to ask for volunteers. The work revolves round looking at pictures and spotting any differences. Any difference between the two pictures could herald the ninth planet. Its the same sort of method that Clyde Tombaugh did when he was searching for Pluto. You'll need a lot of time and patience and it involves a lot of studying. No degrees, no Ph.D.s required so every fancied being a discoverer, go straight ahead and good luck.

At the time of uploading this story, 60% of the work had already been done with 14,625 volunteers and over a million classifications. Whoever said they'd struggle to find volunteers got that one wrong. Hopefully, we'll find something. I'll admit, I have not signed up.

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