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`The Orville`, a new take on Star Trek

From the comic genius that is Seth MacFarlane comes 'The Orville', a comical take on star Trek. Seth is more famous for his adult themed cartoons 'The Family Guy' and 'American Dad'. He's also the man behind the comic bear TED and was the executive producer for 'COSMOS' television series. COSMOS was the updated version of Carl Sagan hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson in 2014.

Its not the first time that a comedy has been influenced by Star Trek, there was galaxy Quest which featured characters who were actors in a science fiction series that were mistaken for real heroes. Unlike Galaxy Quest, this will have the characters as real star travellers, not pretending to be.

There's no Space Federation, its planetary Union instead. The premise is that Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) has been picked to captain the ship 'The Orville'. Ed wasn't the first choice, he was the only person left. His second in command turns out to be his ex-wife and they don't get along as the trailer shows. I could just regurgitate everything that's in the trailer but I think its best to sit back, watch and laugh.

Its going to be shown on the FOX network which hopefully it'll mean it'll be available on Sky T.V. including Now T.V.

Trailer for the Seth MacFarlane series

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