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The Thirteenth Doctor is revealed

The two characters that get most people guessing as to who will take on the role is The Doctor, the travelling Timelord and British agent James Bond. Whilst it was known that the former role is up for grabs after the current, the twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi was standing down, it might seem that Daniel Craig has been persuaded to do another James Bond film. ref Independent.

After a series of cryptic videos shown on the BBC showing a key and the number 13 across various locations, they finally revealed the identity of who will be playing the thirteenth. Unlike when Peter Capaldi was revealed, there was a whole programme dedicated to the reveal, this time, the adverts gave a vague time when to watch. The reveal would come after the men's tennis singles final at Wimbledon forcing a number of Whovians to watch the whole match so as not to miss the reveal. When the game ended earlier than planned, the video was shown virtually straight away.

The Doctor is revealed to have changed genders and become a female much in the same way The Master had done so in turning into Missy. Whilst most tweets on twitter have been supportive, a few have cried P.C. When, the series begins in next year, we'll see how well the audiences take to seeing Jodie as being the next Doctor. The first episode will have the highest viewing audience, it always does. It'll be interesting to see how it continue throughout the series.

The new Doctor coincides with a new producer on the show after Steven Moffat stepping down, to pave the way for Chris Chibnall to take over helming the show. Chris has written a number of episodes in the past such as 42. Chris is most remembered for the series Broadchurch which starred ex-Doctor, David Tennant as one of the lead detectives in the series. Chris knows Jodie Whitaker from the series so its probably not too much of a big surprise that she is taking on the role.

As a school friend put it on a Facebook message, does this mean I can get to be the new Doctor's companion? Time, sorry, pun not intended will tell. What do you think, comments?b

Thirteenth Doctor revealed as Jodie Whitaker

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