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The Twelfth Doctor is....

After days of speculation which has put a diverse range of actors from Ben Daniels through David Harewood to Daniel Rigby in the frame, the wait is over. The new Doctor Who is... Peter Capaldi who happened to be the bookies favourite with odds closing at 5/6. Like Amy Pond and the Sixth Doctor, the actor has appeared in a previous episode. He played Caecilius in the episode 'The Fires of Pompeii' which also starred Karen Gillan who went onto be the Tenth Doctor's (Matt Smith) companion for the majority of his time in the role. Capaldi is over twenty years older than the current one which will please some of the fans who longed for a return to the older man style Doctor. It might alienate some of viewers who wished to keep the Doctor a youthful character. Only time will tell, Capaldi will take on the role at the end of the Christmas episode. It is unlikely to see him in the anniversary special but you never know.

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