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They can`t stop us (150) all

The viral "They can't stop us all" Facebook attempt to storm Area 51 to find out if there was collusion between the U.S. Government and aliens scheduled for the 20th September 2019 went ahead. The attempt was posted by Matty Roberts on Facebook.

The Facebook invitation went viral and soon the number of people who signed up reached 2 million. The idea would be that the sheer number of people attempting to storm the base would overpower the number of security and that someone would be able to find something and tell the world.

The event got an official warning from the U.S. Department of Defense that warned people off. The event took place but only about 150 people turned up. The creator of the event didn't turn up, he instead went to an event in Las Vegas.

There was a large number of security officials at the entrance. There were no attempts made at storming the base but there were two arrests, a man for urinating where he shouldn't and a woman for an unspecified reason. The event went ahead trouble-free.

Those that did turn up were met my security blocking their route in. The stormers just stood at the gate and kind of partied and then eventually dispersed.

The nearest town is a place called Rachel and its small, it has about 56 inhabitants and it doesn't even have a petrol (gas) station. The last one closed some years ago. That gives you an idea of just how few live nearby. The people of Rachel do capitalise on the norietary of the area with a few sovenir stores nearby.

Area 51 came to prominence in the eighties when Bob Lazar revealed he worked there and his health deteriated as a result. It's existence was never confirmed until the C.I.A. declassified the location in 2013. Fox.

All those who hadn't heard of Area 51 or Groom Lake Test Site did so when Independence Day was released in 1996. In the film, the U.S. Government was holding alien technology and now its mother ship had arrived with the object of obliterating all life on Earth. The U.S. Air Force stage a fight back against the invaders. The U.S. Air Force were willing to provide help so long as Area 51 reference was removed which it wasn't so the U.S.A.F. withdrew their help.

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