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Third Planet Discovered by TESS

Scientists working with data from the TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite have revealed that they have discovered a planet around a star in the constellation of Reticulum. The first two were revealed in October last year. The total tally now comes to three.

The planet orbits the star HD 21749 and is known as simply HD 21749b. The b signifies that it is the first planet discovered in orbit round that star. The letter "a" is reserved for the star, naturally eh? It takes the planet just a fraction over 35 days to complete one orbit. Its not the kind of planet you'd probably want to be spending time being so close and the years going by quickly.

The star has a apparent magnitude of 8.08 and therefore you will not be able to see it without the aid of binoculars of at least 7x50. You can even forget about seeing star with any telescope as it will be too far and too small to see.

As for life on the planet, there little or no hope. Scientists have calculated that the planet is a gaseous planet, three times the mass of the Earth but not quite as big as Neptune, more a sub-Neptune. Its actually a cool planet given its proximity to the star, its reckoned to be about 300 degrees fahrenheit or 148.889 Celsius. Its not as hot as other planets but its not a planet that humans would be able to survive unprotected on.

It may not be the only planet in orbit round the star, there is evidence that there could be another planet. The second planet could be more Earth life, therefore increasing the chances of alien life out there.

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