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U.S.S. Discovery set to launch in Autumn

The latest star Trek franchise series is due to launch some time this Autumn/Fall 2017. Its had a chequered history and it keeps being put back and back. It missed the 50th Anniversary year (2016) but hopefully, it won't be delayed any further.

The series is another prequel like Enterprise but its not based on the Enterprise but a different ship called Discovery. Discovery was the name of the most flown Space Shuttle that was used by N.A.S.A. until the space shuttle program was cancelled in 2010 by President George W. Bush.

The lead character from the trailer is Commander Burnham but she'll not be the captain although the trailer implies otherwise. Previous information had said that the captain of the ship would be played by Jason Isaac but the video doesn't show Jason but shows the captaincy being held by Michelle Yeoh's character, Captain Georgiou.

The familiar aliens such as the Klingons will be back. They'll be some new aliens of course. The graphics and images from the trailer have drawn similarities with Dune which was set on the desert world Arrakis and had the same look and feel.

This series is only available to C.B.S. cable in the United States and probably only on Netflixs everywhere else. If you only have Sky in the U.K., sit back and watch Orville instead, a comical take on Star Trek.

Star Trek Discovery to launch in Autumn.

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