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Voyager 2 has left the Solar System

The deep space probe, Voyager 2 has been confirmed as leaving the Solar System. The exact date as revealed by N.A.S.A. is the 5th November 2018. Scientists discovered it had left the Solar System where the radiation it was detecting had changed. The radiation being monitored was different to how it had been recording.

The change in radiation marked the end of the Heliosphere, the area round the star that the Suns effects can be felt. Outside the Heliosphere is intergalactic space. The Heliopause is the point at which the Sun's radiation meets intergalactic radiation.

It should be noted that Interstellar space is not just on one side of the Heliosphere but is on all sides. Voyager 2 has joined Voyager 1 which is already in Intergalactic space. The next stop is any asteroids or debris out there including the hypothesized Oort Cloud but that is a long long way off.

The Pioneer 10 and 11 probes are probably already out there past the Heliopause but contact with those probes was turned off a few years ago.

The Voyager probes took off in September 1977, a few days apart from one another. They were sent on different trajectories and are not expected to meet with one another. The next Solar System it will come into contact with won't be for another 40,000 years and even then it'll pass it by.

The picture below is from N.A.S.A. showing out solar system and where Voyager is and also the Intergalactic Space.

Lets just hope it doesn't come back looking for its creator like a similar probe did in the first Star Trek film.

N.A.S.A. artists impression of Voyager leaving the the Heliosphere

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