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SPOILER WARNING After many years in the planning and stop and starts, the Movie has finally arrived. The film's subtitle, 'The Beginning' is a hint of things to come and that there could be more films in the works if this one does well. Its no surprise that this film concentrates on the arrival of the Orcs from Draenor to Azeroth. If you're coming from a non-Warcraft background, you won't know the plot or storyline but those of us that do come from that will have a more demanding expectation of the film.

Those who know the lore will expect to see Mannoroth to appear like we saw in the Warlords of Draenor trailer but sadly that the lumbering Pit Lord has not appeared. It starts with an expeditionary group going through the portal and attacking villages in Azeroth. Only the Draenor portal had been built at that time, on the Azeroth end, the portal leads out to a large lake. We only see a brief glimpse of the Draenei who have been captured as Fel-Fuel and we don't see any part of Draenor except a brief part of Hellfire Peninsula.

The best bits are the recreation of Azeroth, of Stormwind and the Dwarven kingdom of Ironforge but no other kingdom, there's no Darnassus and the Night Elves or were they Blood Elves were quite laughable in their look to be quite honest. I was expecting a better presentation of the elves. They got the Dwarves right and the Orcs spot on as well. There's no druids or hunter but there is a scene where Khadgar shows off his mage power. The film does stay faithful to the lore but I just felt it should have started with an introductory narrative that so many films do start with and that it should have been longer, pushing over 2 and a half hours. That was the weak points and also how King Llane Wrynn is killed is also a weak point for me.

If you're wondering, the film does pass the Bechdel Test where the two leading female characters do talk to one another. There are more females than the Lord of the Rings films and have bigger parts. Lady Taria Wrynn although she doesn't fight, she does some talking. Garona is the action female of the female characters.

The next film, I'd like to see the creation of the Forsaken , of the Scourge and the rise and subsequent fall of the Arthas Pendragon, better known as the Lich King. Given the level of detail that the designers have put into the game, seeing the Zombies of the Forsaken could push the age restriction up a notch but as the Forsaken and their lore is well known, they have no choice. In the game, the Forsaken aren't that terrifying because the graphics are poor but if the film is to any justice then zombies need to be realistic.

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