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What is a Zodiac Constellation / Sign?

In brief, a Zodiac constellation is any of the twelve or thirteen constellations that are located along the solar elliptical, or another way, the solar equator. The area of space is roughly eight degrees north and south of the ecliptic. The Zodiac Constellations are also known as Zodiac Signs or Star Signs. Other non-Zodiac constellations aren't normally referred to as signs.

Just because they are along the Ecliptic, it doesn't mean you're not able to see them in the north or southern hemisphere. You can still see the Zodiac constellations at certain times of the year, some more more difficult than others. An example being Sagittarius is not easy to see in the north.

As previously mentioned, there are either twelve or thirteen, depending on how you look at the Zodiac. If you view the Zodiac in terms of astronomy, then there are thirteen signs each section is split unevenly. If you view them in terms of astrology, there are twelve constellations and each is split roughly evenly.

A Zodiac constellation appears when the Sun has set. According to astrology, the constellation that appears when you are born will affect your future. The dates of the Zodiac signs were set thousands of years ago but the constellations have moved but the dates have not. If you really want to find what constellation you was born under, you could use something like True star Sign which is a free service.

In theory, if you are born on the 7th of May 2019, your star sign should be Taurus but as Stellarium shows, the constellation that that the sun appears in when it sets is Aries. Try and look. As for the location of where I am looking, I'm viewing from London, Britain

The Sun setting in Aries using Stellarium

An over-simplified rule of when a Zodiac Sign start, their periods tend to start around the 21st of every month until the 20th of the next month. The first sign of the Zodiac is not Aquarius but is Aries with the last sign being Pisces the fish.

The thirteenth sign of the Zodiac is Ophiuchus and I have detailed this else on my site both as a constellation and as information about the thirteenth sign. Additionally, Cetus is a Zodiac Constellation for one day in March.

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