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What is Star Wars Day?

It is a once a year celebration of all things Star Wars. It gets its name because the date 'May 4th' is similar to the phrase Jedi's use to one another 'May the Force be with You'. It is not only the Star Wars fans that get in on the act but also shops. You will find that shops will discount Star Wars goods around that date. If you're looking for a Star Wars present, its best to hold off until that date to get something cheaper.

The date wasn't created by Lucasfilm, the owners of the franchise. It was noted and created by fans across the world, it has since been picked up and used by Lucasfilm. The two following days are Revenge of the Fifth and Revenge of the Sixth as they are plays on 'Revenge of the Sith', the third film in the prequel trilogy.

Star Wars Day is not the only fan day, there is also Mario Day which is celebrated on March the 10th as it can be shortened to MAR10. Mario is the Italian plumber that is the mascot of the Nintendo games company.

In addition, there is also Pi Day when the number (3.14159......) is celebrated. PI Day is celebrated on March 14th which using the U.S. Format for the date is 3.14 . Then there's 2 Pi day which is 28th of June (6.28) if you confess to be really geeky.

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