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What is the difference between Prograde and Retrograde Orbits?

Whenever something orbits another object, the orbit is either prograde or retrograde. The difference is quite simple.


If something is prograde, it means that the orbiting object orbits in the same direction as the object that it is orbiting. The Earth and Mars both orbit in a prograde direction, that is the same way as the Sun rotates.


Retograde means that the orbiting object orbits in the opposite direction. There are a number of asteroids and Moons that's orbit retrograde. Addittionally, Venus orbits in the same direction as us but it has a retrograde rotation, it rotates west-to-east, A short of each is below.

Retrograde Asteroids

Retrograde Moons

All the asteroids in each of these groups orbit in the same direction. Each group's moons all have the same composition and are all believed to have come from the same source.

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