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What is the farthest object from the Sun?

For this, I'm not going to consider theorectical objects such as Nemesis and the Oort Cloud. Nemesis is a theorectical Brown Dwarf Star that is believed to cause comets from the Oort Cloud to move in towards the inner part of the solar system.

Planets have already been considered in a previous article so I won't be considering them for this article. I'm looking at other non-planetary objects, including man-made objects in this one.

Farthest Kuiper Belt Object

The Kuiper Belt is an area of the Solar System past Neptune that contains a large number of asteroids and dwarf planets. One of these objects is Pluto, it is no longer considered a planet any more after being downgraded at the International Astronomical Union meeting in 2006. It is not the farthest Kuiper Belt Object, that title belongs to an object provisionally called FarFarOut. It was discovered in Feb 2019. It doesn't yet have a proper authorised name yet.

FarFarOut is believed to be about 250 miles in diameter and roughly about 140 A.U. from the sun. 1 A.U. is the distance from the Sun to the Earth, you get the idea of how far the planet is from the Sun now.

A little further in is another asteroid called FarOut which is about 100 A.U. from the Sun. This one has the official I.A.U. named of 2018 VG18.

Farthest Man-Made Object

The farthest man made object from the Sun is Voyager 1 Space Probe which has passed the heliopause, the end of the Suns influence. The space probe is over 145 A.U.or 13,537,817,000 miles away at the time of writing. To find out the exact distance, you can visit N.A.S.A. for up to date figures.

Voyager 2 space probe, launched in the same year in 1977 is not that far behind. Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes are not as far from Earth according to Sky Live. Pioneer 10 is only about 124 A.U. N.A.S.A. doesn't provde real-time distance for Pioneer as they do Voyager. If we're wrong, do let us know.

Farthest Object Visited by a Man-Made Object

The farthest object ever visited by a Man-Made object is Ultima Thule, also known ase the Cosmic Snowman. After the New Horizons probe had flown past Pluto, Ultima Thule was selected as the new target for the probe. The original target for the probe had been Pluto but as that had been achieved, a new target was chosen. Ultima Thule was visited by New Horizon on Jan 1st 2019.

A new target for New Horizons has not yet been selected but if it is then that will be the farthest object ever visited by a man-made object. It will take tens of thousands of years before any of those object reach another star.

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