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What is the order of the Planets?

Position Order of the Planets

With Pluto being relegated to second division of planets, there are eight planets and their order is determined by their position closest to the Sun. All the planets stay in the same position. If Pluto is promoted back to planet status then occasionally, it and Neptune's positions swap over as Pluto comes closer to the Sun and Neptune becomes the furthest planet from the Sun.

Admittedly, as I am including Pluto, maybe i should also be incuding Ceres which is classed as a Dwarf Planet but on this occassion I've opted not to as its not been a planet for a long time. When Ceres was first discovered, it was referred to as a planet before being downgraded soon after.

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Ceres (Dwarf Planet, only included in list because Pluto is)
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto (Not a planet but where it would be in the order of things)
  • Wouldn't it be great if it was easy to remember the order of the planets with Mercury being the nearest and Neptune being the farthest from the Sun. You can use the following sentences to help you remember the order of the planets. The sentences aren't supposed to mean anything, it just something to help you to remember the order.

    Ok, we cheated on the last one with U. In the above sentences, if you want to remember where Pluto is, just add Please at the end. For the reverse order its

    Alphabetical Order of Planets

    The planets in alphabetical order are as follows :-

    1. Ceres (* Dwarf Planet)
    2. Earth
    3. Jupiter
    4. Mars
    5. Mercury
    6. Saturn
    7. Neptune
    8. (Pluto)
    9. Uranus
    10. Venus

    You can use the following phrase to help you remember. Prefix sentance with Can to include Ceres.

    If you can think of better phrases, post them in the comments box below.

    Order of Planets from Earth

    Using figures from The Planets, the order of closest planet and star to the Earth is as follows.

    1. Venus (0.28 A.U.)
    2. Mars (0.52 A.U.)
    3. Mercury (0.61 A.U.)
    4. The Sun (1 A.U.)
    5. Ceres (Guestimate)
    6. Jupiter (4.2 A.U.)
    7. Saturn (8.52 A.U.)
    8. Uranus (18.21 A.U.)
    9. Neptune (28.56 A.U.)
    10. Pluto

    And a phrase to remember it is :-

    Order of Planets from Smallest to Largest

    1. Pluto (1187 km)
    2. Mercury (2,439.7 km)
    3. Mars (3,396.2 km)
    4. Venus (6,051.8 km)
    5. Earth (6,378.137 km)
    6. Neptune (24,764 km)
    7. Uranus (25,559 km)
    8. Saturn (60,268 km)
    9. Jupiter (71,492 km)

    Currently working on a phrase to remember the smallest to largest but at the moment it is incompelete.

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