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What was the first exoplanet to be discovered?

According to the list that Exoplanets.EU compiles, there are 4048 extra solar planets. An extra-solar planet is a planet that orbits a star elsewhere in the galaxy. It has been estimated that there could millions or even billions of planets out there. At least two planets have been discovered orbiting the the Sun.">Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System.

The first official exoplanet that was discovered was in orbit round a Pulsar, a dead star rather than a living star like our own. The star was referred to as PSR 1257+12. Stars with names starting PSR are Pulsars, neutron stars that rotate with streams. The star is located in the constellation of Virgo

The star would later be renamed Lich in honor of it being the first planet hosting star. Lich is a creature of undead and was apt because its as mentioned before, a dead star. The name wasn't chosen because of Arthas Pendragon, the Lich King in Warcraft.

Before that was discovered, there had been speculation that an exoplanet existed around Beta Pictoris. Las Campanas Observatory's du Pont 2.5 meter telescope took a photo of the star's dust and gas cloud in April 1984. It was not until 18th November 2008 that the first planet was discovered in orbit by Anne-Marie Lagrange. A comet was detected by the TESS - Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in 2019. IFL Science

The first exoplanet orbiting a G Type star was discovered on 6th October 1995 by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz in France. G-Type stars offer an increased chance of finding alien life in the universe because they are similar to our star, the Sun. The planet was found orbiting 51 Pegasi in the constellation of Pegasus. The star has since been renamed Helvetios.

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