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Where is the Rustbolt Resistance Emissary / Quartermaster?

Location of Stolen Royal Vendorbot

The Rustbolt Resistance is a faction of Gnomes who are located on the Island of Mechagon, located to the north west of Drustvar on Kul Tiras. Even though they are Gnomes, they are also willing to work with the Horde in order to further their aims. For those that don't play Warcraft, the Gnomes are allied to other faction, the Alliance of which Humans are members.

The Quartermaster for the Rustbolt is called Stolen Royal Vendorbot and is located at the bottom of the arrow at location 73, 36 in the islands capital Rustbolt.

The island is a large tip of rusty and old mechanical bits and pieces that no longer have any use apart for the ingenious gnomes. The Island is controlled by the tyranical King Mechagon who lives on the island. The mega-dungeon which is on the same scale as Return to Karazhan sees the players fight round the island in the instance before entering the home of King Mechagon in Junkwatt Depot.

The name of the faction comes from the group of gnomes who object to the King's reign. The Rustbolt Resistance is led by the King's son, Prince Erazim who wants to depose his tyranical father. Erazim is located near the entrance of the raid and the Emissary.

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