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Where is the Tortollans Emissary / Quartermaster ?

The Tortollans are a race of humanoid turtles that exist on both Kul Tiras and Zandalar. They are known for their slow walking and are the only new race of creatures on Azeroth that are friendly to both the Alliance and the Horde. They can turn hostile if you attack an enemy player whilst taking refuge in their sanctuary. Tortollans can be located throughout both continents.

There are two Emissary Tortollans, one on either continent and both are located in neutral spots so you can visit either of them to hand in the necessary emissary quests. Both are located near neutral flight points.

After you have become exalted with him, you should know that there aren't any mounts to get. The best things are some plans for your chosen profession and some epic gear that you can get to increase your worth.


The Tortollan on Zandalar can be located at Scaletrader Post Atal'Gral. The name of the trader is Collector Kojo. He is easy to spot because he is standing on a sort of a stage with two other Tortollans beside him.

TomTom location is 71,30

Kul Tiras

The Tortollan Emissary is located in the north west part of Stormsong Valley, well away from Boralus town. The Zandalar one is located in the same zone as the Dazar'alor city. The Kul Tiran Emissary is also known as Collector Kojo. He can be found at Seeker Vista at coordinates

TomTom location is 40,36

Collector Kojo as found in Stormsong Valley

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