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Where is the Unshackled Emissary / Quartermaster?

Location of Atlia Seapearl

In the "Rise of Azshara" patch, game play takes the players to two new zones, Nazjatar and Mechagon. The first zone is Najzatar which is where the legendary Queen Azshara rules over her kingdom. Queen Azshara was a beautiful Elven Queen who became corrupted by the Burning Legion.

Azshara's kingdom of Najzatar sank below the waves and an Old God turned her into a Naga along with her followers. Azshara has now decided to make an appearance and wage a new war against both the Horde and the Alliance.

The zone is populated largely by the Naga, the humanoid fish men and women that are also prevalent elsewhere on the planet of Azeroth.

The Unshackled are a relation to goblins who are allied to the Horde. The Unshackled helped the Horde when they arrived in Najzatar to get their bearings. The Unshackled have a base called Newhome, located close to the southern end of the island. The Alliance base is to the west of the location at a place called Mezzamere. The Alliance are aided by the Waveblade Ankoan who are essentially the Jinyu who were first seen in Pandoria.

The base is spread out but the Quartermaster is an Unshackled called Atlia Seapearl. Atlia is not an easy person to find. Atolia can be found in a cave towards the southern location of the base. The location of Atolia is 50,60. Atolia is standing to the left of her sister Asme who is just an Innkeeper. The entrance to the cave is 50, 64 to the north of Atolia's location.

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