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Where is the Voldunai Quartermaster?

The Voldunai are a fox-like race of humanoids that live in the deserts of Vol'dun in the north western section of Zandalar. Only races that belong to the Horde may obtain reputation and other rewards with the Voldunai. If you're with the Alliance, give up.

Reputation begins when you follow the questline that you are given when you accept to undertake the mission to Vol'dun. You help a Voldunai escape from the her captures, the questline will lead you eventually to Vulpera Hideaway. The Hideaway is located in the middle on the eastern side of the zone.

The Voldunai Quartermaster is Hoarder Jena, a female Voldunai situated in between two carvans near the fire place. You can't miss her. In addition to the professions plan/recipes, it is possible to buy a Horde-only mount, the Reins of the Alablaster Hyena. If you have done the Emissary quests, Jena will be the person you had in the group of four quests to.

If you are not on Zandalar, you will need to port to the continent either a city portal or a portal from a friendly mage. When you reach Zandalar, you need to catch a flight to the Hideaway, otherwise it will be a long walk or ride depending on your preference.

For those that use Tom-Tom or similar, her location can be guide to by "/way vol'dun 56.68 49.76"

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