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Where is the Waveblade Ankoan Emissary / Quartermaster?

Location of the Waveblade Ankoan Emissary / Quartermaster

The Waveblade Ankoan are a race of fish like humanoids that live in Nazjatar. They are friendly to the Alliance. Their Quartermaster is Speaker Utia. You will recognise them from Pandaria. They are a deep sea version of the Jinyu who was prevalent on the continent.

The Horde's equivalent faction is called the Unshackled. Like the Ankoan, their base is located near the Alliance but there is sufficient distance between them to not have to cross. The Waveblade Ankoan are limited to the Nazjatar region where Queen Azshara reigns over the minions.

The emissary is with other sellers. Whilst Utia doesn't sell a mount, you can find that Artisan Okata who is standing near by Utria does sell a stingray mount. The coordinates for the Quartermaster is 38,55 in the village of Mezzamere.

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