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Who are Rey`s Parents in Star Wars?

Rey was a female scavenger on Jakku who lives in a battle damaged AT-AT Walker. She has Force ability which got awoken when Poe Dameron came to the planet and his droid BB8 ended up in her possession.

Her parentage wasn't addressed in the first film, The Force Awakens, nothing is revealed in the first film, you want to hold things back. In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren tells Rey that her parents were nobodies, they just sold her as they couldn't afford her. It could well be just a ploy in order to get Rey to forget about her parents and move on. Some people felt that that was an anti-climax to her story.

The producers suffered a backlash over the anti-climax, in the final, as yet unnamed film could give another parentage story. Lets looks at possibles from the previous films who might and probably aren't her parents.

Whilst on Ahch-To, Rey jumped into a cavern and tried to look at her parents but it wasn't forthcoming, all she saw was herself. Maybe, that's a hint, maybe she was created as a child not a baby, The memories of seeing her parents fly off are fake?


Captain Phasma

Her character would seem to have died in the last film and according to I.M.D.B. , she's not back for the third film. If she had been the mother, surely there would have been an acknowledgement of it. If Phasma was the mother, surely they would have ensured she was in the final film, right?

Jyn Erso

Her character died at the end of Rogue One when Grand Moff Tarkin blew up Scarif to prevent the Rebels from stealing the Death Star plans. The number of years between Rogue One and now is too long and would mean Rey being older.

Princess Leia

She surely would have known about Rey being her daughter. Why would they have looked and cared for Ben Solo a.k.a. Kylo Ren but given up their daughter.

Mara-Jade Skywalker

A fan favourite from the expanded series which the new films do not touch on. They've added Admiral Thawn to the cartoon series so why not add this character to the films. Mara-Jade was once an enforcer to Emperor Palpatine before swapping sides and falling in love with Luke Skywalker . This character has yet to make an appearance in the canon stories so they could add her for final film in the sequel trilogy. Darth Vader didn't realise Luke was his son when they saw each other on the Death Star nor did he sense his presence until he knew he was his son,

Unknown Character

Kerri Russell is a forty-something actress making her an ideal aged actress to play Rey's mum. Although the age difference is just 16 years, Kerri's character could be a few years older than the actress. It is likely Rey's mum is highly likely likely to be someone we not seen yet.


Luke Skywalker

Although in the expanded universe, he had a son called Ben Skywalker with Mara-Jade, in the canon universe, there's no evidence or hints that he's had a child. If Luke is the father, surely we'd have been hinted but as mentioned above with Darth Vader. Nope, unlikely. Although his character's dead, that won't stop him coming back s a Force ghost and he is scheduled to return.

Han Solo

Han could have had a fling when he separated from Leia or sometime during. We don't exactly know when he separated and went away on his own. As Han is dead now, it'll be a shame if it was him that Rey never got to know.

Emperor Palpatine

The Emperor died long before Rey would have been born. Anakin Skywalker was born in a virgin birth, Shme Skywalker was probably impregnated by the force. The ghost of Palpatine could have used his magic even though dead.

Unknown Character

The chances are that it is a new and unknown character, someone that we've not met yet.

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