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World of Warcraft Expansion Details Released

At the Blizzcon conference, the new expansion for World of Warcraft was revealed. Its name is Cataclysm. The new supreme enemy is allegedly Deathwing, a dragon that has risen from underground, a plot sounding similar to Guild Wars announced the day before. Zones have been changed, none more so than the Barrens in Kalimdor, split by a lava river. Aszhara on the north east side of Kalimdor has been changed, partly because no one goes there anymore. Two news races Worgen (Alliance) and Goblin (Horde) join the fight against their enemies. The Horde have a new leader as Thrall is deposed and the new leader is more warlike than his predcessor. Unfinished dungeons Uldum and Grim Batol of the original game have been updated. Flying across the classic lands are now possible so everywhere is accessible including Mount Hyjal. The level cap has been raised to 85 not as been expected 90.

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