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Admiral Ackbar - Star Wars

Admiral Ackbar is a fictional male mon calamarian who works for Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars franchise. He has been portrayed on screen by Timothy Rose. Admiral Ackbar, is the leader of the Rebel Alliance as they attack the second Death Star in Star Wars VI - Return of the Jedi. Ackbar is a fish like humanoid who watches the fight from the safety of his battleships bridge. The `Family Guy` cartoon series remake of Return of the Jedi `Its a trap` comes from this character which he says when he realises what the Empire is up to.

Admiral Ackbar

In the extended Clone Wars series, his first name is revealed to be Gial.

Admiral Ackbar returns to the Rebellion in Star Wars - The Force Awakens but unlike his previous adventures, he stays in the War room planning the attack along with General Leia and leaves the attacking to the X-wing fighters. The character is again played by Timothy Rose, who played the Admiral the first time.

Admiral Ackbar Fact File

Alien RaceMon Calamarian
AllegianceRebel Alliance
ActorTimothy Rose

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